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National Tequila Day is July 24!

There comes a time and place to celebrate many great things. For tequila, that time and place happens every year on July 24th. That’s right folks, National Tequila Day is this Sunday! There is only one rule to observing this … Continue reading

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True Colors: Celebrating Shades of Diversity With Art

As most rappers, countless internet memes, and early 2000s R&B girl group 3LW will attest, haters gonna hate. That won’t be the case if the Austin Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has its way. Dedicated to fighting bigotry, the ADL promotes an … Continue reading

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H2O 4 Africa: Shower Strike Launch Party! @ Antone’s 7/24

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you know how it feels to not have a lot of water (kind of). Now think about the children in Africa, who don’t have water AT ALL, unless they have the absolute need of taking … Continue reading

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Goodwill Fashion Challenge!

There are some folks on our staff who are the most intense Goodwill store shoppers you will ever meet in your entire life i.e. Rachel and Amanda. From $40 vintage leather couches, mid-century modern dressers, or vintage wooden ladders used … Continue reading

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Rupa and the April Fishes, Minor Mishap Marching Band, Ginger Thompson 7/21

If you happen to make your way to Momo’s tomorrow night, you’re going to be in for a surprise. Why? Because you’ll be greeted by a whirlwind wildly fantastic music. Your ears will be thanking you while they enjoy music … Continue reading

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Praia Urbana

Will Smith is an okay guy and all, but when he said that summertime is a “time to sit back and unwind,” he may have missed out on the true essence of summer.  Summertime is actually a time to get … Continue reading

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Suzy’s Soldiers 2011 Golf Tournament & Gala 8/19 @ Grey Rock Golf Club

On the day of August 19th 2011, Suzy’s Soldiers will be holding an extravagant golf tournament and gala for all of you charitable golfers and/or philanthropists out there. It may sound a bit expensive at first, but if you think … Continue reading

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Joanna Newsom at The Paramount 7/31

I’ve never really understood the term “classically trained.” For Keanu Reeves, I guess it means he took some classes on Shakespeare. For Ian McKellen, it means he can play wizards with an authoritative British accent. However, for Joanna Newsom, it … Continue reading

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BBQ in Austin

You can’t talk for long about the state Texas without mentioning our lust for BBQ. There’s just something magical a nice plate of sliced brisket, smoky pork ribs or tender sausage with a hearty side of beans and potato salad. … Continue reading

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Announcing Two New Goodwill Stores in Austin

Goodwill has opened two new stores in the Austin area! Do you know what that means? New places to hunt for the ever so rare cute and affordable clothing as well as other treasures and trinkets. Let’s face it, most … Continue reading

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