Wild Child CD Release Party w/ Little Lo, Shakey Graves and Agent Ribbons

Ooooooooh Sweet Child of Mine!  Wild Child, Austin’s sweethearts of folk music are fixin’ to release a brand new CD, entitled “Pillow Talk” this Thursday (10/27) at the Parish.  To celebrate the release, they’ve lined up some of the best bands in town to open for them: Little Lo, Shakey Graves and Agent Ribbons!

Wild Child, composed lead singers Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins, with band members Evan Magers Carey McGraw, Sadie Wolfe and Matthew Mares, sounds like a family band of prairie settlers, singing sweet songs about love and troubles.  This is how I imagine listening to Wild Child: it’s like them having you over for a home cooked dinner, with turkey, cornbread and mashed potatoes.   Then they let you knock back a couple of beers while they play you soft ukulele music by the fire.  Picture that.  You can’t help but smile when you hear the harmonies between Wilson and Beggins, and the soft strings, keys and percussion make you feel right at home.  Their new album, Pillow Talk will be available to the show, so make sure to get yourself a copy.

Now, onto the other bands opening the show:

Here’s the lo down on Little Lo:

Often compared to Arcade Fire, (which is a good band to be compared to) complete with saxophones, violins, percussion and multiple voices, this band in undeniable when it comes to live performances.


Shakey Graves –  this guitar slingin’ one man band is especially entertaining because he sits on top of a suitcase that’s been converted into a bass drum/tambourine machine!  As a result, this guy can get pretty dancy, and will have you bobbing your head along with his tunes.



Agent Ribbons – a girl group from right here in town, and they’re aminimalist folk group, having only guitar, violin and drums.  But don’t let that fool you, they’ve got a full sound and have some catchy songs to share.



Wild Child CD Release Party w/ Little Lo, Shakey Graves and Agent Ribbons

Thursday, October 27th @ The Parish

Want to go for free?  Like the event here for a chance to win a pair of tickets! 

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Matthew Mayfield with Reed Turner (10/26) AND Melissa Ferrick with Vandaveer (10/27)

Stubb’s is bubblin’ with so many awesome shows, we decided to post about two amazing ones coming up, and they’re back to back starting next Thursday: Matthew Mayfield with Reed Turner (10/26) and Melissa Ferrick with Vandaveer (10/27.)  Here’s the rundown:

Soulful vocals with an Alabama twang: Matthew Mayfield is an AL native, recently turned solo artist after a successful run with the group Moses Mayfield.  Releasing six EPs between 2009 and 2010 and giving away a free song from each, this guy is a songwriting powerhouse, as well as tactful businessman, (which is how you gotta roll these days in the music biz.)  He can also dress sharp:

His latest album, Now You’re Free, released this year is full of catchy, clean-cut and driving melodies and textures.  Here’s a cut from it, entitled Fire Escape:  http://soundcloud.com/briterevolution/fire-escape-matthew-mayfield

Reed Turner will be opening the show, and even though he’s lived in LA, Nashville and Portland, we can still claim him as our own, as he was raised in Austin:

Matthew Mayfield with Reed Turner 10/26 at Stubb’s – 8:00

Like it here for a chance to win a pair of tickets!


The very next night (10/27,) Stubb’s has Melissa Ferrick.  With 12 years of formal music training, including a few years in the Berklee College of Muisc program, she comes to Austin with serious talent and well spindled, lyrically rich tunes:

Washington, D.C.’s Vandaveer is opening, and if you haven’t heard them, check them out.  D.C. recently survived earthquakes and hurricanes,  If their music is nearly as smooth as their name, you won’t want to miss them.   

Melissa Ferrick with Vandaveer (10/27) @ Stubb’s

(Like it here for a chance to win free tickets!)

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I Heart Boobies!!

Hmmm…it’s a Tuesday, what to do, what to do? Ah-ha! See some music and prove that you love boobies in a caring, humanitarian way, instead of in that greedy self-satisfactory way like you usually do! The Keep A Breast Tour will be spreading awareness and donating proceeds to their foundation next Tuesday, Oct. 25 at Antone’s. Per the usual, we are giving away a pair of tickets, so get to our site and “like” this event. Do it now!

Keep A Breast is a national grassroots educational foundation who have teamed up with House of Blues Entertainment to present their first ever music tour featuring Uh Huh Her and Jarrod Gorbel. And since October is National Breast Awareness month, they are touring strong all month long to show you a good time and hopefully make people more aware of what they can do to prevent breast cancer, as well as hope those in need.

Uh Huh Her is an electro-indie group consisting of two babes, who like their boobs, and they like yours too. Member Camila Grey has played for such artists as Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes and is currently a member of Adam Lambert’s live band. Leisha Haley has played in Gush and the Murmers and even had a major role in the Showtime original series, The L Word. You won’t want to miss these vixens!

Jarrod Gorbel is ex-lead singer of The Honorary Title, who decided after a trying year with the band that he had   drifted from what his true intentions as an artist were. His debut solo album, Devil’s Made a New Friend, blends soul, americana and folk. His beautiful voice and shockingly comedic interludes make him a must-see. So do some good, for boobs and for you, get to Antone’s next Tuesday!


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The Drums with io echo at The Parish

This Sunday, the 23rd, The Drums will be joining their buddies io echo to play a show at The Parish. Contrary to their mono-instrumental band name, The Drums actually offer a whole assortment of music-producing devices for your audio enjoyment. The Drums are one of those bands where you can see their songs playing over a montage of people becoming friends. The band plays the kind of pop music that flat out makes you feel good inside. On the indie scene, catchy tunes this earnest are rare, and it’s a refreshing return to songs of old.

This isn’t to say that the upbeat guitar riffs and quick tempo doom The Drums to pure bubblegum pop status. A listen to the band can’t help but draw comparisons to professed influences The Smiths and Joy Division (give “Best Friend” a spin to hear the echoes of Manchester-era Britpop bands past). Tracks like Money invoke a pop sound popularized by other more recent indie outfits. Fans of fellow British-sounding We Are Scientists will recognize the kindred spirits on The Drums’ “Money.” In fact, Danny Lee Allen, the drummer for We Are Scientists, joined The Drums for their tour starting in June of this year. If you end up the drummer for a band that’s named after your instrument, you know you’ve made it. At least, that’s how Jimmy Paige felt during his short stint with “The Lead Guitars.”

Up next in U.S.-based bands with faintly Limey sounds is io echo, the Los Angeles pop group. The pair of Leopold Ross and Ioanna Gika have already opened for Florence and the Machine, and they’ve been catching a lot of attention for their songs that mix equal parts ethereal and electric. Check out When The Lilies Die to get a good feel for the duo’s tone of pop poised on the verge of chaos (also, whistling!)-

If you’ve had your fill of listening to the Internet versions of these two bands, check them out live this Sunday at The Parish. The show promises to be a great night of pop music that swings from the conventional to the surreal. If only there were some free tickets to be found for the show…oh yeah. We’re giving out a pair of tickets at 100% no cost to you. Actually, there’s the opportunity cost of the time it takes you to visit the event page and click “I like it,” but there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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The deets for the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival

The Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival will be rolling in and setting up this Saturday, Oct. 22 at Auditorium Shores from 11am-8pm. Entrance is FREE and there’s plenty to do for everyone.

This festival is fitting for the entire gypsy family. Tiny gypsies and furry gypsies are welcome and will have lots to do! Tiny gypsies can enjoy face painting, an interactive chalkboard in the kids area, music and of course, food. There will also be story time and various sideshow acts throughout the park.

Live music will be happening all day and will feature Delta Spirit, Hacienda and Alabama Shakes will be there for a rock n’ roll revival, so be sure to check ’em out.

Your furry gypsies are more than welcome but there are some guidelines in place in order for everyone to have a good and safe time. Your pets must be on a leash and at your side at all times, so please do not extend retractable leashes! Be sure to pick up that poop too, no one wants dog mess on their feets while they’re trying to indulge in all the treats-bag it & trash it fools! Also, do your best to prevent any aggressive behavior between the pups, pet owners-do your part to ensure that everyone can have a wonderful time. Even though it’s getting cooler, please provide your dog with plenty of drinking water and remember that human food may be harmful to our furry gypsies. Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play for the pups. The picnic has kept them in mind, and they can enjoy activities in the dog area. They can get their fortunes told by a dog behaviorist and can play dress up and participate in the puppy parade! CUTE!

Promise that it won't be this creepy, but, just so you get the idea...

While you are enjoying your food this year, remember your faves! KGSR is back to find the fan favorite of the festival! Each trailer will have a “text to vote” number on it, may the best trailer win. Also, those that vote will be entered to win a pair of season passes to the 2012 KGSR Music Lounge. Experts will be voting to, on categories such as: Best Taco, Best on a Bun, Best Vegetarian, Best Ethnic, Best Drink and Best Dessert.

PARKING: There is no parking at the festival, but there are plenty of spaces within walking distance:
– 301 Congress Avenue
– 300 San Antonio
– One Texas Center Garage at Barton Springs Rd. & S. 1st St.
– Austin Convention Center Parking Garage at 2nd & Brazos
– Austin City Hall at Cesar Chavez & Guadalupe

BIKE PARKING: Take eco-friendly transportation to the Festival by walking or biking to Auditorium Shores. Bike Parking will be available at two of the four festival entrances:
– the West entrance on West Riverside Drive closest to Lamar
– the main entrance on West Riverside Drive and South First Street
Bonus: Mellow Johnny’s will be at the West entrance to fix minor repairs and fix flats for all you gypsy cyclists.

DON’T SMOKE! Remember that day it rained? Yeah, well, it wasn’t enough and the burn ban is still in effect so please follow city guidelines and keep the stogies at home.

So now that you have zero questions, we hope to see you this Saturday!





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Perpetual Groove @ The Parish 10/21

Not only is Perpetual Groove probably the COOLEST band name EVER (no offense to any other awesome band names out there) but they are also a band who lives up their rad namesake. Perpetual Groove is an Athens, GA-based jam band that combines different genres with emotional intensity to deliver some seriously grooooooovy jams.

They are also known for putting on a seriously badass show. Their live performances are a musical mishmash of “jazz-rock, neo-psychedelia, R&B, trance electronica, progressive rock and anthemic arena rock.” Best of all, their powerful sound is matched with an equally powerful LIGHT SHOW that is sure to mesmerize.

I don’t know about you guys, but there is absolutely nothing like a great band performing against the backdrop of a ridiculously cool light show. The intensity of the lights and the music together just make the live music experience MAGICAL.

Perpetual Groove’s awesome reputation has carried them to festivals across the country, such as Bonnaroo and All Good. Now they’re touring across the country and, obviously, Perpetual Groove is bringing their powerful, live music prowess to the Live Music Capital of the World.

This Friday, October 21 Perpetual Groove is bringing their groovy show to The Parish. If you want to jam out and perpetually groove this weekend then the Parish is where you want to be!

Check out: “Sundog” by Perpetual Groove

An awesome live band AND a cool light show all in one? Who wouldn’t want to check this out??

Doors open at 8 p.m….be there!

And we have free stuff! Click “I Like It” for the chance to win a pair of free tickets!

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The Dillinger Escape Plan @Emo’s East Oct. 26

Let’s break our necks next Wednesday, Oct. 26 at Emo’s East, you down? The Dillinger Escape Plan will be making heads roll and bodies slam along with Kill the Client and Lions of Tsavo. We have 20 pairs of tickets to give away, so get to our site and “like” the shit out of this event!

The Dillinger Escape Plan are seriously hardcore. Band members have suffered injuries such as nerve damage, a torn rotator cuff and a broken vertebra! Rolling Stone said they are “possibly the most unhinged band in America.” With claims such as these, don’t get busted for sitting on your couch watching lame crime shows next Wednesday. Instead, get your ass to Emo’s East. You could possibly suffer some injuries, which could possibly make you more appealing to the opposite sex, which could possibly get you laid. We’re just looking out for you dude!

Kill the Client
is a Dallas based grind band that will tear the place up. They have earned a reputation for their live shows and have played festivals such as the Maryland Deathfest and the Boston Doom and Grind fest. They don’t mess around.

Lions of Tsavo came to Austin from Columbus, Ohio to tear us a new one! Don’t be skurrd.


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