Kung Fu Saloon Player Two

Who doesn’t enjoy a suspenseful game of massive Jenga with 50 of your closest friends cheering you on? Or a not-so-competitive game played with giant set of Connect Four and cocktail in hand? No one, that’s who. Skee Ball, old school video games, music and booze are some of the finer things in life, and Kung Fu Saloon has been delivering just that to their loyal customers in the short time they’ve been open. It’s only been a year since their opening, having just celebrated their first anniversary in January with free games, Grey Goose, DJs and a packed house.

These guys know how to keep their people happy which is why they’ve become so popular so quickly. They have so much joy to offer, they couldn’t possibly contain it in just one location. Or just one city for that matter. Kung Fu Saloon is bringing the fun to Houston this month with Kung Fu Saloon Player Two. Get it? Two players? Like in a video game? They will be offering all the same fun with vintage and oversized games as well as a full bar and dozens of beers on tap. They’ve also added two karaoke rooms and old-school Nintendo games to their new, larger location. The new bar, located at 5317 Washington Avenue will bring a friendly and laid back atmosphere to the booming Washington Avenue  scene and will surely and quickly garner a loyal fan base all their own.

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