Austin Reggae Festival 2011

It’s getting to be that perfect time in Austin when the sun is bright, yet the heat is still bearable. When you actually want to sit outside and enjoy the spring air… before the eventual summer sauna effect. Even if that just entails having beers in the sun rather than inside at the bar. Austin Reggae Festival drops at just this time every year and is talked about for months beforehand and for weeks afterward by those who know what they’re in for. For three days, festival-goers get to enjoy live dub and reggae bands on two stages, international foods, crafts, merchandise and the finest display of people watching in town.

It has become tradition to many who look forward to the event all year and who introduce newbies to the scene for a fun new experience. Folks of all ages attend Reggae Fest where families are more than welcome to join in on the excitement. The festival has become a place where people of different backgrounds get together and intermix and where the oddest of friendships are formed. Where people get a chance to kick back, relax and experience certain marijuanic liberties. You’ll see some strange folk with eccentric outfits and wild do’s dancing without inhibition. The place where you’ll look over at your co-worker, the quiet one you brought out to loosen her up, hoola hooping and throwing around words like vibes, chill and maaaan.

These things and so much more can be found at Auditorium Shores this weekend, beginning April 15 at 3pm, then beginning 11am Saturday and Sunday mornings. Come with your blankets, drums and sunscreen and leave with a new sense of enlightenment. Tickets can be purchased here for $12.50 in advance or $15 at the gates. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit Capital Area Food Bank and it’s strongly encouraged to donate two canned food items per person upon entry. Try something different this weekend and get out to the festival where it’s all happening.

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3 Responses to Austin Reggae Festival 2011

  1. Rokkerchic says:

    Is this April 15th (not March)?

  2. sabrina says:

    is it 15.00 at the gate on both saturday and sunday?

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