Danielson at ND on 4/12!

The genre termed “pop music” tends to leave a funny taste in music listeners’ mouths… er… ears. Often when mentioned, “pop” music spurs ideas of simple, catchy, processed songs created only to generate revenue and at the expense of complexity, passion, and art. As music consumers, we appreciate music that is genuine, creative, and entertaining, and feel used and unsatisfied when presented with the churned-out, less than intellectual tunes that blare from the radio stations. What we have to remember, however, is that “pop” refers to popular music, made so by the presence it holds among listeners and consumers.

In retrospect, popular music has been the music that defines generations and has remained timeless. Throughout the late 50s popular music began to align with the change in social construct in our country through the progression of soul and rock n’ roll. The sixties boasted some of the most timeless bands ever, with classic rock, British rock, and psychedelic rock at the forefront of popular music. Then, in the late 90s, record labels were booming with power and used it to generate prototype artists that could rake in some serious cash, despite their lack of virtuosity… or any talent at all in some cases. However, with the rise of new media, musicians are taking back creative control. With that, some artists are also actively taking back the “pop music” genre and affiliating it, once again, with definitive, authentic, and entertaining music.

One of these re-pioneering artists is Daniel Smith, aka Danielson whose new album The Best of Gloucester County really shows the new depth and growth that he has made as musician. Collaborating with a new lineup of instrumentalists, Danielson has evolved since his previous album. The Best of Gloucester County has songs of a great variety in style from sweet folk tunes to chamber pop compositions. As a work itself, this album took five years to create and Danielson’s growth and evolution during that time is evident in the music.

Danielson is gracing the ND at 501 Studios stage with his musical stylings Tuesday April 12th along with Jad Fair and Weird Weeds. To get in on this event, click “I like it” for the chance to win a pair of free tickets! If you haven’t heard the album yet, I can vouch for it in saying that it’s a guaranteed treat for your ears.

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