“The Lysts on the Lake” Jousting Competition 4/29-5/1

We have all enjoyed our days at the Renaissance Festival; the costumes, kettle corn, chivalry, and JOUSTING (my personal favorite). Now, I’m pretty sure the jousting at these festivals used to be real, but due to medical bills skyrocketing and people being trigger happy about suing others; jousting has become an act, a sham from the loyalists prospective.
For those that miss the thrill of the joust, “The Lysts on the Lake” Jousting Competition is back Friday, April 29th to Sunday May 1st; held at the Village of Castleton, located on Richard Garriott’s– one of the most influential people in the video gaming industry/ astronauts of all time– estate (7200 Coldwater Canyon Dr. Rd., Austin, TX). If you want to dress up as if you belonged in the 15th century and chill, this is NOT the place for you; this isn’t Medieval Times people! Lysts on the Lake is REAL jousting, with REAL armor, and REAL danger involved; not to mention super awesome.
So if you found yourself hanging out at the jousting theater, wishing to be in the arena; you have the chance to get up close and personal with the sport. If you Click “I Like It” on The Lysts on the Lake event page, you will have the chance ti win one of THREE PAIRS of WEEKEND PASSES good for all THREE days, two concerts (Heather Dale), and FREE PARKING for one car. Prithee, hath thou seen a better deal? I shall think naught.
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