Geeks Who Drink

You know the type: glasses, uses words like “ostensibly,” likes A-tracks, books about dragons. Geeks. And if you think you’re too cool to be a geek, you might be the geekiest of all. Or a douche bag. What do we geeks do? Think and drink. Geeks Who Drink let us embrace the big old geek within while doing what we do best– answer trivia questions and drink beer. If you’re only good at one of the two, no problem, you’re more than welcome to partake in the fun. The stragglers and the friendless are also welcome to join in a game with another team or play by themselves. Teams can be made with up to six people. Trivia topics covered throughout a night can range from TV and pop culture to name that tune and local trivia. The hosts are always funny, the crowd is always entertaining and the prizes range from the silly to the awesome to the pitcher of beer. See some of the recaps and reviews for yourself.

Geeks Who Drink is a Denver-based company that hosts pub quizzes all over the country. The idea was modeled after the pub quizzes in Ireland and the UK. The notion of drinking while doing practically anything has become widely accepted and embraced in this town, as seen from the plethora of themed scavenger hunts, intramural kickball teams or even in getting a hair cut. In Austin alone, there are nine locations that offer Geeks Who Drink trivia nights, including The Highball, Opal Divine’s, Red’s Porch, Jax Neighborhood Cafe, Mister Tramps, Waterloo Icehouse, Nomad Bar and Treff’s Tavern. You can see all the events around town listed here.

Get a group together and grab your koozie for the next Geeks Who Drink night!

Signing off. Game over. Nerd wins.

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