Stephen Marley and Ghetto Youths Crew @ La Zona Rosa 4/17

It’s getting hotter outside…and you know what that means. The seductive scent of summer is in the air and everybody is getting antsy.  The lure of long days swimming in Barton, chomping down on snow cones at Sno Beach, and just lazing around doing nothing remotely productive is tantalizing. People are already flocking to the pool to lie out in the hot Texas sun to get their summer fix. And there is absolutely no music that provides a better soundtrack to a lazy summer day than the grooving beats of reggae.

With the Austin Reggae Festival coming around the corner this weekend, there’s no doubt that the mellow sounds of Jamaican rhythms will provide the perfect soundtrack to that feeling of summer longing that is already sweeping Austin. But, best of all, even after you spend your weekend chilling out at the reggae festival, or even if you don’t get to make it at all, there are still more reggae jams to be heard and chilling to be had. The reggae flare keeps drumming in Austin on even after the festival is over.

Sunday, April 17th Stephen Marley (yes, son of Bob) and Ghetto Youths Crew are bringing their cool reggae jams to La Zona Rosa at 8 p.m.  Get your tickets here! And trust me, you don’t want to miss out on indulging that summer vibe with some groooooovin reggae, especially not these guys.

Reggae legend Bob Marley’s kids have carried on their dad’s legacy through their continuation of that awesome Jamaican sound in their music, and Stephen Marley is no exception. Stephen Marley has been performing since he was 8 years olds and has also helped produce tracks for his brothers. Reggae is a family business and Stephen Marley is an expert on that distinctive sound. His debut album, Mind Control, won the 2008 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

Basically, this show is every reggae-lovers dream. If you want to keep up that pre-summer high, then listening to Stephen Marley and Ghetto Youths Crew jam out some of the best reggae out there is definitely something you’ll want to check out! Summer is starting early folks.

And, free stuff is ALWAYS fun. By clicking “I like It” you can enter the chance to win one of five pairs of free tickets! Cooooool maaaan.

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