Drink for a Cause @ Kung Fu Saloon

Drinking: I think we can all agree it’s a silly fad that will soon go the way of the dinosaurs. Surely it’s beneath you. Like most, you reserve your evenings for far more serious agendas. But for one evening lets throw caution to the wind and knock back a few for a good cause, yes? Oh who am I kidding – it doesn’t take much to talk any of us into a Tuesday night sake bomb. That being said, head on over to Kung Fu Saloon on Tuesday, April 19th where 15% of all drink sales will be donated to Outreach Afterschool!

Outreach Afterschool is a free after school program led by the nonprofit organization Christian Outreach Foundation. Founded by Kaylie Lucas and Liz Heart, Outreach Afterschool provides a nurturing environment for underprivileged children from low income families in East Austin. The after school care program currently caters to 50 kindergarten-5th grade students of Oak Springs Elementary. These kids, who would typically be labeled as “at-risk,” enjoy a safe, playful atmosphere led by mentors and volunteers who seek to keep youth from engaging in criminal activity, focus on teaching Christian values as well as fostering the importance of knowledge, education and health in these young minds.

It’s not only the children who benefit from this program – Outreach Afterschool benefits the hardworking parents of these youngsters by allowing them the reassurance that their children are safely being cared for while parents are still at their jobs during the hours children are out of school. The values taught at the program help to mold well-rounded citizens to better the East Austin community.

Outreach Afterschool runs a wide range of fun and nurturing activities, including sports and outdoor recreation, homework help, bible study, arts and crafts, team building activities, guest visitors, and of course snack time and “Fun Fridays.” While many of these kids would normally be exposed to possibly dangerous and undesirable circumstances during the afternoons, these kids are being provided an education that doesn’t stop when the bell rings by mentors who care about their well being. Their self-confidence blossoms in the developmental activities provided, promoting moral excellence and creating positive opportunities in the community.

Well dang, I’ll drink to that! As if Kung Fu Saloon’s tasty libations and relaxed atmosphere weren’t already reason enough to head out for a Tuesday night cocktail, now we get to do so knowing it’s helping the community we love.

And if you’re interested in taking your good deeds a step further, why not help out with a donation or become a volunteer? Just take a look at that smiling face below and tell me your heart isn’t melting from sheer cuteness overload. Go ahead. I KNOW YOU’RE LYING.

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