Umphrey’s McGee w/ Ruby Jane @ Stubb’s 4/20

photo by OpenEye

Is “Marley Fest”, better known as, Austin Reggae Festival not your style? It’s alright it isn’t mine either, but I still love the festival atmosphere and the jam bands that it brings. Which is why Stubb’s is the perfect place for people like us on Wednesday, AKA 4/20. Why? Because one of the jam band greats, Umphrey’s McGee, is coming to put your minds to rest.

Umphrey’s McGee is a jam band that evolves with each performance, no two are alike. You know how some “jam bands” can get to the point of being lazy and just do their set list; no longer deserving the title of jam band. HOWEVER, entering their 20th year being together, Umphrey’s McGee still deserves the jam band title. Seriously, I am currently listening to a song that rivals Phish; the song is almost 10 minutes long, and I’m not bored– which is amazing because my attention span is that of a goldfish.

In honor of what some may call a holiday, Do512 is giving away a FREE pair of TICKETS! Click “I Like It” on the Umphrey’s McGee event page, and you will automatically be entered to win! Poof, it was really THAT easy.

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One Response to Umphrey’s McGee w/ Ruby Jane @ Stubb’s 4/20

  1. Lindsay says:

    Rad. nice review. make sure to get the Umphreys bundle that just went on sale. only available till Saturday morning. 2 albums + 2 videos pay what you want ($5 min.) if the goal is met everyone gets a new unreleased Umphrey’s song. DO IT!

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