Mother Falcon Kicks Off Fusebox Festival

Fusebox festival is kicking off their Free Range Music Series with Mother Falcon, a symphony of talented young musicians who perform pop classical rock jazz stuff, for lack of a better term. Whether they know it or not, Fusebox is changing the world. Fusebox is an exciting arts festival that presents the best in innovative arts of different mediums. The point is to introduce new art in all forms, to inspire ideas, get people talking about art, educate through panel discussions, writings and interviews. They support artists by providing equipment, resources and money. They provide a space where artists and audiences can take risks, break rules and blur boundaries. This 12-day festival promises to be such a cool and exciting adventure, each day offering a new variety of displays, specatacles and performances. A schedule and more information can be found and tickets can be purchased on their website.
Mother Falcon is a beautiful choice for the music series’ kick off performance. The 15-to-20-piece band (also roughly the age range of its members) provides an enormous sound with about four chelloists, seven violinists, two bassists, a couple of saxophones, guitars, some piano and percussion, a bassoon and something called a Glockenspiel. But to deliver an even more massive explosion of mystical music magic, they’ll be backed by 100 string players. This band gives me hope for the future of popular music. This orchestra of classically trained teenage and 20-something musicians have a vision to uphold music with a purpose and isn’t just cool for cool sake. They have no pretensions, they are just hard working, creative-minded, young people. They’re probably all fantastic cooks, great painters and get straight A’s. I obviously have a soft spot for these guys, I can only hope my children live up to half of what these kids become. They’re going places, man, and I want to say I was there to see it way back when.
And that when can be now, or more specifically Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30pm. Get there early for good seats, and stay for the good eats, drinks and other super special surprises. You can catch Fusebox Festival every night from April 20 – May 1 at Seaholm Power Plant.
Check this out:

Pretty cool, huh?

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