YACHT at Emo’s 4/19

The breezes are blowing, the skies are sunny, and you either just finished your taxes or are about to finish up the school year. Life is grand. It’s times like these that we gotta keep the good times rollin’ and spend some time enjoying and listening to happy, vibrant, electronic dance-pop music. That’s exactly the kind of music that eclectic duo, YACHT, from Portland are making. Originally Jona Bechtolt’s solo project, YACHT expanded in 2008 to include vocalist Claire L. Evans and has continued to grow in popularity. Their sound, described by Rolling Stone as “digital ear candy” includes a huge variety of instrumentation between the two full time members and live performance accompanying members Bobby Birdman, and Jeff Brodsky. Jona Bechtolt alone plays guitar, drums, bass, percussion, claps, synths, keyboards, piano, effects and programming. Now, clear a designated dancing space and check this out:

Pretty radical, eh? What’s more is that YACHT isn’t just a duo-band producing fun dance songs. This collaboration moves so much further than that, accessing the media and interactive aspects of performance art. Elaborate Power Point presentations, genre bending experimental instrumentation, and video production are all elements of YACHT’s stage performance that contribute to their individuality and expression.

Well if you enjoyed that, and I’m sure you did, you’re in luck! YACHT is hitting the stage at Emo’s on Tuesday 4/19 for a night of dancey, fantastic, fresh music that you can most definitely get down to. Love Inks is also playing so it’s bound to be an incredible night.

Don’t forget to head to the event listing and click “I like it” for the chance to win a pair of free tickets! Also keep tabs on our Facebook and Twitter for more ticket giveaway opportunities for this show.

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One Response to YACHT at Emo’s 4/19

  1. they also have a new member! katy davidson of dear nora, lloyd and michael, key losers, and others. ALSO: bobby birdman and jeffrey jerusalem deserve some linkage, they are INCREDIBLE musicians apart from YACHT (not to mention claire evans). so here it is:


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