Music 4 Life at ACL Live

Music as a lifetime endeavor is an idea most anyone can get behind, especially when it means encouraging kids to do what they love and what they do best. Hosted by the Lake Travis Choir Booster organization, Music 4 Life Festival promotes live music for all ages throughout the community. This festival features 12 talented bands of all genres of current high school students and graduates from Austin area high schools and will take place at the Moody Theatre at ACL Live Saturday.

Why do we older folk care? Because the bands being showcased are completely awesome and know how to rock. These kids are encouraged from all sides to pursue and perfect their unique talents, which means we get a fantastic show! Win/win. I want to be there to see them on their way up! And then totally tell people I knew them when they were in high school.

Headlining the night is DrumJam, 2007 graduates from Lake Travis High School who just finished a 6-week tour in Guam and Japan. DrumJam is a whole lot of drum, a lot of electric guitar, electric keyboard, bright lights and too much fun. They bring an unparalleled energy to every performance, either jumping around stage or playing their instruments with enthusiasm bursting from their pores. You can tell they’re having a blast, and watching videos of them now, I can’t help but nod my head and tap my feet from the other side of my screen. If you’ve ever seen a Blue Man Group performance, they bring a similar futuristic rock n’ roll vibe. Every one of their songs is like the best, most climactic part of a rock song. See what I mean:

The other performances are just as exciting, featuring an eclectic range of styles including rock, alternative, folk, pop, blues and swing. Tickets are $20 for this full-day benefit concert or just $15 for students and can be purchased here.

The full lineup, beginning at 1pm until 9pm, includes: DrumJam, Public Soul, Dead Swagger, Electric Society, Loose Wheels, Broken Rains, LT Fiddlers, LT Drumline, LT Rock Choir, Kelly Scott of Feeding 5000, Digital Egg Hunt, Rockstar Auction.

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