Easter in Austin

Rarely is there a time of the year that it would be ok to eat a hot pink or lime green egg. In fact, especially in the case of the lime green one, we would frown upon that. Easter casts all those rules aside though and lets children of all ages (we’re looking at you too boyfriends/husbands) hunt for dyed food or plastic replicas of food that we put in dirt or hide in the crannies of swing sets for one day out of the year. Jellybeans lie idly in every office candy dish, the fluffiest of pastel dresses make their debuts and little gentlemen are wearing their bowties for Easter time is here! Whether you’re the church going type or not, there’s a ton of events going on and we have a full list of them. Check out our Easter Austin events and feel free to skip, frolic or hippity hop your cotton tail out to some this weekend.

Easter Events in Austin

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