Craig Ferguson @ The Paramount 4/29

Craig Ferguson is kind of a big deal. Not only is he from Scotland but he came to America and was an automatic badass. He’s the next Renaissance man if you will—an actor, film director, screenwriter, composer, novelist, comedian, AND host to The Late Late Show. If you don’t know him from there, you would probably recognize him as Nigel from The Drew Carey Show.

But guess what, he’s coming to The Paramount Theatre on the 29th (in 8 days) with two shows to entertain you with—they’re the same show just at different times—one at 7:30p the other at 10p. Famous for his ridiculous rants and somewhat cheesy antics, he puts on quite the show.  And if you don’t enjoy that kind of stuff, I guarantee you will still laugh at the way he impersonates Jay Leno.

PS. If you want to get in on this for FREE Do512 is going to help you out by giving you a chance at winning one of TWO FREE pairs of TIX (one for the 7:30 showing the other for the 10:00 showing). Just Click “I Like It” and BAM automatically entered for tickets.

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