Cut/Copy Does Austin. Two Times.

You don’t have to tell me Austin is a great place to be, but apparently the audio architects of Cut Copy have also taken the cue. Not only are they going to grace us with their euphoric electro-dance music at Stubb’s once tonight, but they are back for round two on Friday.

These guys are masters in the art of satisfying all of our musical needs and desires. Their music has elements of vintage disco and synth pop that appeal to song-based listeners as well as those of us who want to get our dance on. In their new album, Zonoscope, they have successfully bridged the vast sea of  modern dance synth with 70’s and 80’s classic AM radio vintage pop to create poppy perfection. Not to mention they’re from Australia. And well, who doesn’t like Australia? Kangaroos! Ok, that’s a little cliché, but kangaroos just hopping about the outback. I’d write awesome pop music too. Need I say more?  You like them already.

Friday’s show is already sold out, however you can still get tickets for tonight’s show. Or even better click “I Like It” for a chance to win a pair of free tickets to Friday’s show. So get on it!

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