Dirty Heads with New Politics, Subrosa Union and Ben Baxter

Get ready reggae, rock and hiphop fans, four wild acts are coming to Red 7 next Thursday, April 28 and you’d be a fool to miss out. Dirty Heads is fresh off their tour with Sublime and are hitting up Austin on their spring tour with New Politics. Locals Subrosa Union and Ben Baxter will be opening up the night and getting the party started!

The story of Dirty Heads is a classic one. Founding members, “Dirty J” and “Duddy B” used to write hiphop songs while in high school in southern California and stealing beer from the convenience store. On one particular beer run, the boys were caught in the act and someone shouted “Come here you little dirty heads!,” marking the day in history when the Dirty Heads were formed. They now play a style of reggae with ska and punk influences, most comparable to Sublime. They actually just got back from touring with Sublime. They’ve also toured with O.A.R., 311, Pepper and Matisyahu in their day. They were named one of the Best New Bands of 2010 by a little magazine called Rolling Stone, and are back in Austin to show us a thing or two.

Subrosa Union and Ben Baxter will be representing Austintown with their reggae roots rock. Subrosa Union is a regular on the Austin scene, most recently at Flamingo Cantina for their 4/20 showcase. At just 20 years old, Ben Baxter is getting more and more attention having represented UT in a national battle of the bands.

New Politics is another fun one, and how could they not be with the motto “fuck it,” as in taking chances with reckless abandon. That’s how you know they put on a good show.

We’re giving away a free pair of tickets to this show. Click “I like it” on the event’s page on Do512 to enter for your chance to win.

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