Art of the Pot: Austin Ceramic Studio Tour

“It’s just lovely, dear,” my darling mother remarked as I put the finishing touches on my masterpiece. For my eighth birthday I insisted on getting a pottery wheel and ceramics art set. I squinted quizzically at my lopsided tea cup, painted a ferocious shade of fuchsia and wondered why my creation looked so feeble and pathetic sitting next to my mother’s tall, elegant, mint green flower vase creation. She smiled knowingly and insisted that my humble teacup was “truly inspired” as she moved it to the shelf for display.

It took about 8 days for me to tire of my pottery wheel, which was then moved to storage forever. However, the texture and tangibility of ceramic art and pottery is something that intrigues me to this day. One of the oldest art forms, ceramics and pottery root from practicality. With the earliest civilizations we see simple “household” items like cups, bowls, and pitchers interpreted artistically. Ceramics are creations that consumers can interact with, and use to bring artistic emotion into their daily lives.

Art of the Pot 2011: Ceramics Studio Tour is a two day event in its eighth year of production that features four studios, sixteen artists, and countless beautiful ceramic pieces. This year, the Art of the Pot hosts are Austin artists Claudia Reese, Ryan McKerley, Keith Kreeger, Chris Campbell, and Lisa Orr. The sixteen featured artists hail from several states, all the way from Montana to Massachusetts. The 2011 Tour Companion event, “Palates, Plates, & Shots” will feature special treats at each of the hosts’ studio locations: gourmet food prepared by local chefs at Claudia’s, tequila tasting Keith’s, a local foodcart at Chris and Ryan’s, and the Artstream Nomadic Gallery at Lisa’s. The two day event will also include workshops by artists Julia Galloway and Holly Walker, and a lecture series focussed on the convergence of food, architecture, and pottery.

Art of the Pot is May 7th and 8th, 10am to 5pm. So for Mother’s Day Weekend this year, spend some quality time with that special mom in your life (or son/daughter/friend/hairdresser for that matter), enjoy the beautifully crafted works of some very talented local and national artists, and buy something nice for yourself too!

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  1. riverafx says:

    I’m gonna go with hairdresser.

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