Here it is. The movie we’ve been aching for someone to make, that represents Austin in full– a cross between a deep-rooted live music mecca and a rapidly growing and developing urban center. In a time when the city is going through so many changes, Echotone provides a cultural portrait of Austin as well as a tells the story of the lives of local musicians, struggling to survive as artists. We’ve all wanted to be rock stars at some point or another, I wouldn’t believe you if you denied it (some of us still hold on to that dream…), and here’s our chance to see how it goes today.

Echotone was just released this SXSW and made the top film list of many. It’s back in theatres for a short series of screenings April 24-27 at Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. This is your last chance to catch it before it goes to DVD in September! Check their website for more info on the film.

Echotone shows you how hard Austin rocks and how deeply Rock n’ Roll runs in its veins. Musicians everywhere can relate to the struggles and decisions required to survive as artists. Music fans can appreciate a glimpse into the lives of rock stars, a terrific soundtrack, and the sheer electrified enthusiasm that the film brings. Austinites can get an accurate portrayal of their city and show those who aren’t in-the-know what they’ve been talking about.

Paste Magazine calls it “the best (free) soundtrack they’ve ever seen.” And for that, I present you the soundtrack for to download.

AND we’re giving away three pairs of tickets to the screenings. Check the event listing for more details and click “I like it” to enter for your chance to win.

If this trailer doesn’t make you want to rock, I don’t know what will.

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