Grupo Fantasma @ The Paramount Theatre 4/30

Image by retorta_net

Be prepared for the Latin Sensation that is Grupo Fantasma to be hitting The Paramount Theatre’s stage on Saturday the 30th.

Grupo Fantasma isn’t your everyday orchestra. I know going to see an ‘orchestra’ doesn’t sound all that exciting; I can already see the image of stuffy suits and seniors with monocles popping into your head. However! Grupo Fantasma is the funkiest orchestra I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and sitting in my seat is not an option when hearing their master beats. They are so remarkable and unique that Prince will not hire anyone else to back him up on tour since they met back in 2007. They are also known to be the finest and funkiest Latin Orchestra to come out of the US in the past decade as well.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Grupo Fantasma’s influences come from, due to how many styles they incorporate into their performances. But like I have said before, everything that they play will make you want to tap your feet or go all the way and work up a sweat from all of the dancing that will be going on. As for attire, flashy and bright colors are encouraged.

If you really want to go and Click “I Like It” and have a chance to WIN one of THREE pairs of FREE tickets

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