Keeping up with the Do512 All-Stars: part deux

Here’s what our All-Stars were up to last week, April 18-24:

All-Star Indiana keeps us updated with fashion, trends and her fun day-to-day life in Austin in her blog Adored Austin. As a former actress, aspiring writer and new mom, she has a lot to talk about…

…like her Easter Sunday plans and super stylish outfits

and Founders Day in Dripping Springs – BBQ Cook-off & carnival

with adorable candy apples and delicious baby alpacas. YES.


All-Star TapeBombs is a lover of all things loud, exciting, party and MUSIC. The 2 contributers, Jennifer and Nate from the East Side will tell you about the house parties, garage bands and Red River madness on their blog, They offer music news, reviews, interviews and other greatness for your viewing, reading and listening pleasures.

Most recently they’ve got Pachanga! on the mind.

“When we think of summer in Austin, only one word comes to mind — HEAT. Lucky for us, East Austin is holding a festival where the music is even hotter than Farenheit can measure. For one day only, Fiesta Gardens is home to a broad spectrum of Latino music, from legendary Tejano performers to multi-piece mariachi bands to radio rock stars and everything in between, creating a sampling of the vast landscape and deep cultural ties of the genre. Mark your calendars for Pachanga! Fest on May 22nd founded by co-organizers Richard Garza and Alex Vallejo. Read about bands Pacha MassiveGirl in a Coma, and more.”

Friday, April 23rd they headed to 29th Street Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority) for a Fusebox Festival performance with Zorch and Cartright.

Here’s what they have to say about the bands:

“There’s something dark in the music of Cartright, their sea shanty tales of booze, women, and haunting loss carry over their audiences with a wave of mememorizing hypnosis. Ben Cartright’s mouth opens to a black pit of sound, pouring over all who watch him sweat, body flailing, with his husky deliver inspiring chills. The band seems not to play out in Austin too often, and I’ve only caught them a hand full of times in the past months, but this band has stuck with me more than any other. I look for them on bills, excitement builds to catch their raucous, heartfelt performance.Cartright captures the room.

There is no band I can speak the praise of more than Zorch, and there is also no band I’ve seen play more in the past year than Zorch. It seems impossible to say, but they truly sound better and better with each show. Be it a house party, a packed co-op, downtown bar, or in their small practice space, Zorch’s experiemental noise rock of drums, vocals, keyboards, with omnichord, and computer mixing is unlike any other, controlled insanity that continues to ring in your ears. No matter the number of times I’ve seen them play, I still want to see more, and cannot reccomend enough for others to attend a Zorch show. Plus, they’ve always got some nice stage banter.”


All-Star Austin Social Planner highlights some of the biggest and most talked about events around town in their digital magazine They

Here you can find a recap of Fashion For Compassion at Saks. “Last Friday, Austin Children’s Shelter staged a stellar event featuring some of the brightest stars on the social scene walking the runway for a great cause. Fashion for Compassion set the right tone from the moment guests walked in the front door of Saks, with cocktails flowing as fluidly as the spring dresses on the ladies.”

This is some awesome meaty/cream concoction served at the event. Obviously worthy of mention and photo.

It’s SO easy being green… especially on Earth Day… especially when Bruce Hornsby, a Spring Soiree & Potluck, and free give-aways have anything to do with it. Read more all those happenin’ Earthy Day events here.


All-Star Partay Peeps will let you know about the cool free stuff in town- mainly food, booze, partays and the associated peeps! All these things and more are featured at

I mean look at this guy, is he a partay peep or what?


What have they been up to? Last week included…

PILLOW FIGHT! @ the Madison

Fusebox Festival Kick-Off Event w/ Mother Falcon

1st Annual One Love Freedom Fest

Bubbles and Bitches at Gibson

Tri-Party: Bikini Contest Glow Party


All-Star Austin On Stage is your online source for Austin’s Performing Arts. There’s always something new happening in dozens of theaters worth checking out! Everything theatre, performing art, food and fundraiser related, including news and interviews can be found at

Cool stuff you probably don’t know about, that they’re talking about:

Umlauf Garden Party

Free Closing Performances Planned for “Play Me, I’m Yours” Installation

Hideout Theatre Channels 1960s “Batman” TV Program for New Live Improv Show

Texas Performing Arts Celebrates 30th Anniversary with 2011-2012 Season 

“During the past three decades, Texas Performing Arts has sold more than six million tickets to more than 4,500 performances.  That legacy continues with the 30th Anniversary 2011-2012 Season, bringing world-class entertainment experiences to Central Texas audiences.”

 “Our 11-12 season honors the remarkable contributions that Texas Performing Arts has made to our community over the last 30 years, and celebrates our vision for the future,” said Texas Performing Arts Director and Associate Dean Kathy Panoff. “As we continue to upgrade our classical offerings, Texas Performing Arts is building a strong theatre component, which I’m proud to say that – for the first time ever – will include a UT Theatre & Dance production on the season.”

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