The Wonder Years & Fireworks w/ Such Gold, Make Do and Mend & Living with Lions @ Emo’s 4/27

Photo by elawgrrl

This entire show that’s coming to Emo’s (on the 27th) brings me back to the days of wearing my converse to the sole, sitting on curbs/ streets talking to my friends, driving around on a sunny day for no apparent reason and ending up at The Vans Warped Tour. Weren’t those the good times? Not having to care about anything? Then again I was a good for nothing punk five years ago, so my sense of music and “back in the day” may be a bit different from what you may have called enjoyable.

But to those who know exactly what I am talking about; you will more than appreciate the gathering of The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Such Gold, Make Do and Mend, as well as Living with Lions. I must admit, the north spits out some pretty cool pop-punk bands. Their songs are catchy and they never usually get to the point of where they are screaming into the microphone and busting vocal chords.

This show is for you if you like a) to pogo b) to not have your ears bleed c) a more than slightly upbeat tempo or d) all of the above

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