Brett Dennen with Dawes @ La Zona Rosa 5/6

Fact: androgyny is the new black and Brett Dennen is the new Van Morrison.

It’s hard to describe Brett Dennen and be successful in truly capturing his musical talent. His music is a poppy product of his California surroundings, yet it is nothing short of melodic genius. “You have to see him live to get the full picture of this polarizing pied piper”, says Bud Scoppa of Paste Magazine. You can do just that on Friday, May 6th when he plays for what will surely be a playful crowd at La Zona Rosa.

Dennen’s fourth album Loverboy has received very positive reviews by most, however, there are people out there who just cannot seem to stand this man – and the fact that he blatantly could not care less makes him that much more intriguing. He is powerful, eloquent, carefree and soulful singing in his eerily feminine voice while his band backs him up with a blend of poppy folk-rock reminiscent of the Van Morrison era. While Dennen’s sound can at times be a bit saccharine for the taste of some, his message is always powerful – even when it’s romantic.

Dennen will be joined by special guest Dawes for the La Zona Rosa performance. Also natives of California, Dawes is a four piece rock band with a folk twist, just the way we love it.

Friday, May 6th at La Zona Rosa. Doors @ 8pm. Buy tickets.

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