Man Man with Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers

Repping Philly, PA, Man Man is a band of five seriously studly dudes that all go by pseudonyms, stage names, monikers, whatever you wanna call them. The lineup is as follows: Honus Honus (Ryan Kattner), Pow Pow (Christopher Powell), T. Moth (Jamey Robinson), Chang Wang (Billy Dufala), and Jefferson. Man Man is most noted for their use of a vast array of instruments. Front man, Honus Honus, heads everything up with vocals and keys. The rest of the crew handles everything from clavinet to euphonium, marimba to smashing plates. Really. At first one would think that the texture of Man Man’s music would be cluttered and heavy with such a variety of instruments. That preconceived notion is erased within seconds of hearing on their tracks. Stylistically, the members use the instruments to support the vocal line, rather than to just fill out a impressive repertoire of odd and nontraditional accompaniment. That is, the various instrumentation is implemented effectively and with musical purpose.

It’s actually very inspirational how the band members find musical influence in so many classical instruments, as well as everyday objects like kitchen utensils. The method is reminiscent of 20th century American composer, John Cage who also used nontraditional items to create music. Man Man, however, does this in a way that results in music that is still aurally appealing to most listeners. John Cage couldn’t exactly claim that.

Well, now I know you’re dying for the details about their upcoming gig. May 5, Man Man is hitting the stage at Emo’s, with doors at 8. Also playing is super babe Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers. This group has some serious personality and are self described as ” a vulgar Ella Fitzgerald… more like a horny Frank Sinatra.” Enticing, eh? Yes.

So next Thursday, May 5th, I expect to see each and every one of you at Emo’s. No excuses. We’ve got five pairs of free tickets to give away. All you gotta do to enter is click “I like it” on the event!

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