PROCESSION; Dark Synth Night at Beauty Bar

Every Sunday you can get something at Beauty Bar you can’t find anywhere else downtown. Sundays are PROCESSION; Dark Synth Night from 10-2. They play the best in dark electronic music late night, when the vampires come out. Vampires? Vampires. They’re totally trendy right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re not real.

Sunday nights aren’t for vampires exclusively, we mortals are welcome into the lair as well. They DJ their favorite rare synth tracks from the 80s mixes with the latest synth sensations of today. If your electronic music is too upbeat or your dark music is a bit too instrumental or if you’ve ever wondered where the vampires go at night, make your way to Beauty Bar this Sunday.

Get in your last few hours of weekend weirdness just before you have to get back to your Monday day job and pretend to be a normal, professional person. Trust me, I have a lot of experience with this.

Besides the blood and black and untz, what’s the best part? You can win a $40 bar tab. Click “I like it” on the event page to enter to get your free boozin’ on.

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