Taylor Swift at Frank Erwin Center

Taylor Swift’s
primary audience seems to be tricky to pinpoint. As soon as it has been assumed that she is a primary icon for those whom a skort is a necessary garment for daily life and can’t yet see over a steering wheel, your co-worker (skortless) squeals in delight when “Love Story” streams through the office speakers. Back to square one you go.

Perhaps this confusion can be attributed to the fact that the artist herself has crossed from one end of the spectrum to the other in her young, yet wildly successful, career. In 2006 at the barely steering wheel eligible age of 16, Swift released Tim McGraw followed closely by her self-titled album. Cue the video of a new blonde pop princess with tears on her guitar and a certain charm and southern spunk that those who watched Spears and Agularia growing up found oddly refreshing. (via)

Hopefully those tears were short-lived. After two album releases, Swift was  at the top of Billboard 200 for weeks. In 2010 the 20 year old artist was ranked the 12th most powerful celebrity with earnings of $45 million dollars. Now cue tears from anyone born before 1989 making who is still running towards their first million. (sob…we didn’t even mention the four Grammys)

Youth and success has seemed to agree well with Swift, however, and she’s managed to stay self-inflicted scandal free (tsk tsk, Kanye), compared to others in her demographic *coughMiley.* An advocate to help protect children against sexual predators online and a consistent benefactor to children and cities in need after natural disasters, Swift has proven to be a solid influence for those who have yet to drive Daddy’s car while simultaneously earning the respect of those double her age.

She’s coming to Austin herself October 26 at the Frank Erwin Center to play songs of young love and heartbreak to an audience of young girls with their parents, twenty- somethings reminiscing about their pickup truck rides as a Texas teen with their first crush and young professionals who blast it in their Beamer before that big crunch time meeting. Shh…we shan’t tell.

Tickets are available for the show and Do512 is giving away some before you can even purchase them! Click “I like it” on the event listing and keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for potential contests. Now, be open minded and go take a little listen. If Our Song doesn’t melt your little heart then we frankly don’t know what will.


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