Around the World in a Saturday @ Enzo 4/30

Like many of you I have always dreamed of traveling the world. I would kill to be one those of ritzy jetsetters who can jet off to Europe on a whim and spend their entire weekend eating exotic foods and sipping on fabulous drinks in luxurious locations.

But sadly, I cannot afford to jet across the world on a whim…or at all really because I am a poor college student. And I’m sure that many of you feel my pain. Traveling is just so expensive that it’s nearly impossible to do sometimes.

But just because you can’t actually travel to all these places right now doesn’t mean you can’t pretend right? I mean, pretending is sometimes even more fun than the actual thing you’re pretending to be doing. And as long as you’re eating some delicious foreign foods and downing some margaritas, you’re basically enjoying the best part of going on vacations, right?

Well, even though you can’t actually voyage around the world, you have the chance to travel around the entire world in one day thanks to Enzo. On the last Saturday of every month Enzo presents: Around the World in a Saturday, with “in flight entertainment” provided by DJ blitz. At Enzo you will travel around the world by enjoying a variety of foods, drinks, and music that will thoroughly convince you that you are in fact on a weekend getaway. Dance, drink, nom, and be merry!

 Enzo is an eclectic restaurant and lounge that offers nightly DJs, Tuesday salsa lessons, AND Wednesday karaoke. But Enzo is more than just a fun place to go dance and hang out, it’s an Italian restaurant that specializes in authentic Italian cuisine made with only the finest ingredients. Enzo’s also a great place to hang out during the week. During happy hour you can get half price antipasti, and during weekdays $20 Mojito pitchers, $3 Margartias, and $5 Martinis are the perfect cure to a rough workday. Sounds pretty darn perfect to me.

The next “Around the World in a Saturday” is coming up THIS Saturday, April 30 starting at 9 p.m. Don’t miss out on your chance to travel around the world without ever actually leaving Austin.

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