Learning Secrets with The Bang Gang DJs

Born in the burning bowels of Austin’s four stomachs of cool, mod love, the boys of our very own Learning Secrets have reached out to the top layer of Australia’s dance music scene to bring you ‘Gus Da Hoodrat’ of The BangGang Deejays, this Friday, April 29th, at the Beauty Bar. Mr. Haywood Jablome is quoted as saying the music “sounds like a unicorn might sound, if the unicorn was really hungry for whatever it is that unicorns eat.”

For those not in the know, ‘Gus Da Hoodrat’ created Bang Gang 12s, a stable of the big and the frenzied of rave caves from across Australia and around the globe

A good time is to be had, as the dance floor and your heart will simultaneously be set on fire.



Life is short. Make an ass out of yourself.

by Earl Lundquist

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