Benefit Show for Nick Curran at Antone’s

Nick Curran kicked off his extremely successful career at age nineteen when he hit the road to tour with Ronnie Dawson. After that jumping off point, his career flew sky high touring and recording with rockabilly artist Kim Lenz. Curran then went on to record his debut solo album, Fixin’ Your Head. Soon after he expanded to create band Nick Curran & The Nitelifes. Curran also played with The Thunderbirds for three years, formed punk band Deguello, and was featured on cult TV series True Blood. Most recently Curran formed rock n’ roll band The Lowlifes, and performed with punk rock band The Flash Boys.

None would disagree that Nick Curran has devoted his life wholeheartedly to music making, and as the ultimate music loving city, we rally around him at this time to support him in his struggle with cancer. In 2010 Curran was diagnosed with mouth cancer, only months later to be declared cancer free. Unfortunately, recently it was announced that his cancer has returned and he is undergoing treatment. While this news is heavy on the heart, the fight has just begun and many of Nick Curran’s friends are banding together to support him and hold a benefit in his honor.

Next Tuesday, May 3, is the Benefit Show for Nick Curran at Antone’s. Many legendary bands and musicians are lending their musical skills for the occasion. Jimmie Vaughan, American blues guitar legend and older brother of Stevie Ray, and The Tilt A Whirl Band will be playing. Malford Milligan and Chris Layton, both former members of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Band and highly esteemed blues musicians, will also be there along with former drummer for Social Distortion, Derek O’Brien. It is sure to be a night of timeless and surreal music making.

General Admission tickets are a mere $10 while VIP sits at $200-$300. No matter which ticket you use to enter the show, it is going to be an incredible night of soul stirring music and heart warming support for the beloved Nick Curran.

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