Cinco de Mayo In Austin

Today marks the one week away point for Cinco de Mayo! Now we could be kitschy here and say “heyo oh let’s go to Cinco de Drinko” but that’s far too reminiscent of when we blew off studying for finals in college to celebrate this nicely placed holiday so we shan’t. What we shall say is that the watering holes will be even more refreshing than usual to commemorate the Mexican army kicking France forces (a silly man named Napoleon) square in the nose at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. (Boom, facts!)

Irrefutably the underdogs in this particular battle, their prevention of French invasion was a huge boost to the Mexican army’s morale and essentially aided in establishing a sense of national unity. Now see? That margarita will taste so much better cooling of your super smart brain. Luckily for you, lots of Austin businesses want to aid in boosting your morale and have a whole slew of events going on for the 5th. We collected them for you and now would like you to plan your post-work TheMexicanArmyWasBadassToday schedule. Link to all your options; Cinco de Mayo in Austin.

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