Do512 Presents: Echo & The Bunnymen @ La Zona Rosa 5/7

Photo by: Dena Flows

We now know each other well enough to where I can let you in on the BIG things that are happening around Do512 right? Not only is the Honky Tonk Brunch/ Jimmy’s birthday (one of the reason’s Do512 even exists) coming up; but the week before (May 7th) we are having ANOTHER Do512 Presents party at La Zona Rosa.

This Do512 Presents will be a bit different than the honky tonk mainly because Echo & The Bunnymen, a post-punk band, will be playing. Echo & The Bunnymen started their storm in 1978 hailing from Liverpool, England. Least to say, these guys know what they are doing. Starting RIGHT AFTER the punk era and coming from where punk started? How could they not be masters? Answer: That question isn’t fathomable.

Echo & The Bunnymen have had a cult ever since they started, but took off once “The Cutter” became a hit single.

Like any other Do512 Presents, this show will be off the chain—for lack of better words. The bar will be open all night, the music will be some of the best you’ve heard from the genre, and the people will be nothing short of amazing. If you like us, then you’ll love clicking “I Like It”  for your chance to win one of TWO pairs of FREE tickets to the show!

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