Steve Ignorant’s Crass Songs – The Last Supper Tour with Goldblade, Wild Tribe @ #Emo’s

Steve Ignorant will be performing songs from his former anarcho-punk band Crass at Emo’s as part of his Last Supper Tour with Goldblade and Wild Tribe on Tuesday, May 3rd!

Crass, formed in 1977 and rocked hard till ’84, was an English punk rock band that loved anarchy more than you will ever love anything, ever, in your life. Their political ideologies and bad ass performances made them a hit, and they are credited with popularizing the seminal anracho-punk movement of the subculture in the ’70s. Never ones to keep their beliefs quiet, Crass was known to use the DIY punk approach to promote anti-racism, anti-war, feminism, and animal rights.

Joining will be Wild Tribe and Goldblade, another English punk rock band who has toured extensively spreading the good word of anarchy.

Tuesday, May 3rd @ 9pm, Emo’s. Buy tickets.

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One Response to Steve Ignorant’s Crass Songs – The Last Supper Tour with Goldblade, Wild Tribe @ #Emo’s

  1. thexjib says:

    I think Steve ought to take responsibility for how his shows are run. I was very stoked for months when I found out that Steve would be coming to my town and preforming Crass songs… I have loved crass for nearly twenty years, I own every record, and I have a nice collection of Crass 7″ and when I was a young’en I sported the Crass symbol, that I had drawn myself, on my jacket. Crass always meant more to me than just the music…

    On Friday April 29 I went to the show in Pomona… I purchased two tickets at $20.00 each months prior. When I arrived I got in line, when I made it to the doors the security had me empty my pockets. I took out my camera, wallet and cigarettes and placed them on the table and some large goon patted me down, another goon opened my cigarettes and took two joints out and smiled… “these are mine.” I protested a little but just went inside after it was made clear that they would toss me before I even got in.

    When I made it in I headed for the dance floor but was greeted by MORE goons who were guarding the entrance… he asked to see my ticket and then informed me that I had to go upstairs.

    Apparently the $20 I paid was only good for a back row seat in the balcony. I asked the box office guy if there was anything I could do to change it and he told me to go fuck off.

    Sadly I had to watch the show that I had been dreaming about for 20 years from a seat that didn’t even give me a view of the stage. When I moved to get a better view I was told by the goons that I’d be tossed for blocking the isle.

    If Steve needs these corporate sponsors to put these shows on then he at least ought to make sure the values he sings about in the songs are upheld. This was the ultimate sell out… I am an older dude and I haven’t been to a show in a few years..but I don’t recall being searched and ripped off so badly… maybe that is how it works now?

    I have attempted to contact the band and the promoters who put this on and have been treated with contempt.

    Steve Ignorant is Napalm

    Jarmey Fowler

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