Get Ready For The Beaumonts

Get ready for The Beaumonts.

Get ready for a rowdy time with one of Texas’ wildest country bands. This is the type of band you could only hope to find at a dusty honky tonk dive somewhere in the Texas country, ideally where a drunken fight ensues over a girl and a bottle of cheap whiskey. This ain’t your mama’s country, neither is it family friendly; this is no holds barred, raunchy, whiskey-and-beer honky tonk music. I prefer the term ‘Psychobilly’ rather than country. The Beaumonts have made a name for themselves in Central Texas; hailing from Lubbock, consistently making their way through San Antonio and holding an annual Honky Tonk Christmas Food Drive in San Marcos.

Sunday, May 15th The Beaumonts are about to make themselves known in town by giving Austin a good sucker punch to the gut and kick in the face. They’re kicking off Momo’s new weekly Honky Tonk Brunch series, complete with liquor, two honky tonk bands, brunch from Hoover’s and a special birthday celebration. This will be a brunch party you don’t want to sleep through.

The Beaumonts describe their music as “gooder than hell” and “full of stuff you don’t talk about in from of your Grandma”. Sounds ideal.

Meet The Beaumonts:

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One Response to Get Ready For The Beaumonts

  1. Oh, man! This is gonna be a goooood time, for sure!! Can’t wait!

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