Friends of the House Ragtime Ball

Pardon us while we yap away but take a moment to hear the latest rumble. We mean the Ragtime Ball don’t you know? We got to be square with you, this is the one the cats with the cred are going to be moving their gams at. Lucky for you a ducat (ticket) won’t cost you must cush (money money) and it’ll be enough flappity flap to justify the clams you shell out for your attendance. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a gal by the end of the night and be so dizzy with the dame (totally wooed) you’ll forget it cost any cabbage (money) at all.

Wow, and we thought Old English was hard to decipher. All 20’s slang aside, the Ragtime Ball is taking place at the Madison this Saturday and all proceeds go to benefit the Ronald McDonald house. Tickets will cost you just a smidge as our 20’s ghostwriter in the paragraph before this alluded to, but for a mere $50 you will get free Bacardi, Grey Goose, Cazadores prohibition era cocktails, beer and wine. There’s also dessert and a photo booth to capture all that flapper glory of yours. Time to dig out those pearls and hats gents because this little shindig is going to be the cat’s meow. If you don’t believe us, take a look at what Suzi has to say about it.

See? If you have a designated driver pal then there is free valet parking at the event. Skippy hey! However, with all of the free juice flowing and you cute little boozehounds all looking for a good drink or two, we advise you take a cab to avoid them elephant ears (police) and keep your girlie safe from grifters (meanies). Tickets can be purchased here and there’s a chance for you to get your paws on free tickets here. There it is kids, that’s the crop (that’s all folks.)

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