Austin, meet Psychostick, your new favorite humorcore band. In their own branding of funny hardcore music, Psychostick rants and raves about the things they loathe and love. Like girl directions and tacos respectively. Psychostick explores many of the themes we relate to in our everyday lives. Like, “BEER IS GOOD, BEER IS GOOD, BEER IS GOOD, AND STUFF. LET’S GO DRINK SOME BEEEER!” These wise words are put so eloquently in their classic sing-along “Beer!” I related so much to this song, I made it my ringtone. See for yourself here:

What if your hands were made of hot pockets? You would be the first one to be eaten in survival situations. What if your thumb roared like a dinosaur? What if you peed out of your nose? What if your face was shaped like Mexico? Psychostick asks the questions we’re afraid to say out loud. They brave the unknown. They go there. And they do it in ridiculous hats. These questions and more are proposed in the song “We ran out of CD space” on their album, Sandwich.

Here’s another favorite, “Girl Directions” in which they explore the frustrating and complicated world of the ditzy girl and the challenges faced when giving and receiving directions. It’s really awesome:

Vulgar? Maybe. Dumb? Absolutely. Talented? No question. They rock hard and loud and make us giggle at the same time. Giggle in a hardcore way.

If you thought that was entertaining, imagine the nonsense and craziness involved in a live performance. We were so excited Psychostick was playing a show in Austin on their Unleash The Dumb Tour, we had to be a part of it. Therefore, May 31, Do512 Presents: Psychostick at Red Eyed Fly. Check back for more details in the coming weeks, it’s definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

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