E-Z Egos and Effigies

Artist Adreon Henry has been known to use nontraditional mixed media and innovative techniques in his work, this time marrying art with technology. In E-Z Egos and Effigies, Adreon addresses themes in social media and technology, transcending boundaries between the physical and digital in his work. He wants to invoke conversation about our cyber identities and communities. It’s perfectly timely in the fact that most people use social media to communicate. He plays on that idea in using social media as a proof of existence in his paintings. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the pieces by using their smart phones to scan the QR codes on pieces in which he created Facebook pages for each character. Like this guy:

The portraits each have their own identity and persona and are befriended with other portrait personas on Facebook. The purchaser of each painting gets the associated Facebook page and therefore being able to collaborate with the artist through social media. Read more about it here. It’s an extremely interesting concept as a testament to our time and definitely worth checking out. You’ll leave with a new perspective on social media and technology and the possible impact and dangers it offers.

His installation is being displayed in an abandoned Super K at 6700 Guadalupe. The opening is Saturday, May 14th at 6 pm. Following the opening, it will be opened for viewing every Saturday and Sunday from 12-5.

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