Do512 Presents: Honky Tonk Brunch w/ The Beaumonts and Lucas Hudgins

We know that every good Texan has the occasional hankering for a solid breakfast and an opportunity to sneak away from your laundry for just one or two more hours. Grab some mismatched socks and put those cowboy (or girl) boots on and join us at the inaugural Do512 Honky Tonk Brunch at Momo’s Club.

In order to join us at this cozy gathering of breakfast foods and perfectly chilled beverages, you must complete three tasks.

1. Close your eyes and insert imagination effects into your brain: sizzle of three different BBQ meats: brisket, elgin sausage, bbq chicken, jerk chicken wings & a bean buffet with  pinto, cowboy, butter, & red beans plus potato salad and slaw. For only $10 you can make the above sentence your reality.

2. RSVP for $3 entry on Do512. We want to know how many seats we gotta lasso up for ya’ll.

3. Bring an appetite for Hoover’s catered breakfast (yes, THAT Hoover’s) and your thirst for complimentary Deep Eddy Bloody Mary’s and Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Lemonades while they last.

Deep Eddy Bloody Marys? Yep. Now the company that brought you the delectable sweet tea vodka right here in Austin is adding an unflavored vodka to their repertoires with the same 10 times distilled background as its tea predecessor. The brain child of Clayton Christopher (Sweet Leaf Tea founder) and Savvy Vodka’s Chad Auler, the guys are happy to announce that while the tea will be around again as the temperatures rise to save you, if you want some Deep Eddy quality with a tomatoey kick you have that option as well.

Plus, music from The Beaumonts and Lucas Hudgins will be gracing the stage so your ears mouth and eyes will be delighted.

But wait! There’s more!

Now, if we haven’t convinced you yet let’s throw out that one of Do512’s founders (Jimmy Jimmy!) will be celebrating his big 40 at this lil breakfast shindig! (We can’t have a party for him at night anymore cause it’s past his bedtime so baby bring on the eggs! 🙂 (I may get fired for this post…worth it.)

We’ll see your badonkadonk at our little honky tonk! Yum.

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