Keeping Up with the Do512 All-Stars: part four

It’s been another week again, already. It’s time to see what’s been going on with some of our favorite people in Austin, our Do512 All-Stars. Shall we?

All-Star AustinVida is up to their usual Latino awesomeness, keeping us well informed of the newest in Hispanic music, film, art and culture. Last week, they interviewed Monareta, Colombian duo “with a knack for bringing everyone around the world to dance uncontrollably and experience the sublime. Some have credited their music with taking the audience to Mars and beyond.” Intrigued? You should be.

Yes, those are bike helmets with wheels attached. They also do BMX competitions and other stuff you want to know about. Read their full interview here.

Austin Vida and Bemba Entertainment are collaborating once again this year to bring you another great Latin Alternative showcase at Momo’s. Lineup includes:

Making Movies

Master Blaster Sound System

Cilantro Boombox

Here you can read (and watch) a preview of the showcase.

If the gift of information wasn’t gift enough, here’s a free download from our good people at AustinVida. It’s “Barbarians” by Brandon Garcia and it’s kind of sexy.


All-Star Pushermania is up to his usual shenanigans, and thankfully he tells us about some of them (along with other interesting stuff happening in our big crazy state) in his blog, Last Friday, he was at the Scoot Inn for New Texas #1 featuring “six acts from Texas who are on the verge of something big. All of them.”

Saturday? There were two options: The Do-Over party at The Ghost Room or Lil Flip at Enzo. The Do-Over: “the ‘little-idea-that-could’ has morphed into something bigger — much beyond our wildest expectations. It has become a party FOR THE PEOPLE and BY THE PEOPLE featuring your favorite DJs and their favorite DJs who remain a complete mystery week in and week out.” And Lil Flip, well, is LIL FLIP, one of the biggest rappers to come out of Houston. And in Pushermania’s words, “he gone treat you like milk! I swear!”

That wasn’t it for his week, oh no. Pushermania supported tons of events around town including Phosphorescent, Dance to Breathe, Rebelution, TSOL and The Triggermen to name a few.


All-Star jennatonic can be found bopping about the town, photography-ing, watching some live music, perhaps even blogging about it at

<— Jennatonic

Like gin and tonic, but with Jenna in place of gin, see? And what has she been up to exactly?

According to our calculations, last week she was all about Stereo is a Lie with Intimate Stranger and DD Dagger, The Decembrists, MoTel Aviv CD Release Party and Do512 Presents Echo & The Bunnymen, which, let me tell you, ROCKED.

And the future of Jennatonic holds: Mogwai at Stubb’s, Gruff Rhys with Y Niwl at Mohawk.


All-Star NO CONTROL Radio is the heavy metal radio in Austin. You can listen live every Friday night at 10pm to 1am on 101X, you can see what they have to say at and keep updated daily with the metal world with their Twitter @NOCONTROLRadio.

Austin has no shortage of heavy and metal bands passing through and they’re our #1 metal source for what’s new and what’s happening.

Last week, some of Chuck of NO CONTROL’s badass events included Floor + Mamoth Grinder, Danzig with Devildriver and 2Cents and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion + Bluesy Cray.

Coming up? The Earn It Yourself Spring (Into Action) Tour, “The Hard Stuff” with Acrassicauda, Eagle Claw, Contact High Five and Ink Blot and PRIMUS helllll yeaaaah!

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