New York Night Train Presents: Soul Clap & DANCE OFF w/ DJ Jonathan Toubin 5/13

Read up! ND at 501 Studios ( will be the place that you want to be at for Friday the 13th. Why? Because the biggest soul party of the year will be happening (, that’s why. Jonathan Toubin ( never fails in putting on a good show, his signature—turning tables on 45rpm vinyl. Therefore, if you miss the days of soul and sock-hops, or have ever wanted to GO to a sock-hop this will be the party for you. Plus, how many DJ’s these days spin off of real 45rpm vinyl; not that many. Also, if VICE, LA Weekly, and The New York Post are raving about it, the party HAS GOT TO BE interesting.

Not only will you get to witness that special event, but you can also enter yourself into the MIDNIGHT DANCE OFF for $100 cash monies for 1st and a $50 shopping spree from Breakaway Records for 2nd place. DJ Second Line Social ( will be spinning the beats and a panel of local celebrities will be there to judge you. Maybe your super crazy moves can lead you to a job someday after everyone is blown away, who knows!

$5 entry at the door, however, if you want to join in on the fun and you are broke, or you just don’t want to pay cover, Do512 has a pair of FREE tickets that you could WIN ( Click “I LIKE IT” and be automatically entered to win the tickets. Which you can then enter the dance off and win $100 without having to pay to get into the door! It’s a perfect master plan.

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