Electric Touch, Eyes Burn Electric, Suite 709, Bk & Mr E and Michelle Armstrong @ Antone’s

Electric Touch, Eyes Burn Electric, Suite 709, Bk & Mr. E, and Michelle Armstrong all playing under one rough…on one night? Um….YES please.

Hard to believe? It’s true! Austin isn’t known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” for nothing. We have badass shows that make other cities green with envy.

This Saturday, May 14 these Austin favorites are all performing at Antone’s at 8 p.m!

I am a fan of shows that combine a bunch of different, but complimentary, sounds into one, awesome experience. Sometimes when bands sound too similar, concerts can get monotonous and dull. But trust me, this assortment of artists and sounds are sure to keep you invested in the music from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking for the high-energy rock sound of Electric Touch and Eyes Burn Electric, the funk-soul grooves of Suite 709, the indie-electronic fusion of Bk & Mr. E, or the acoustic melodies of Michelle Armstrong…this show will have something for you. All these artists are unique, and together they are sure to put on a fantastic show.

And this deal gets even SWEETER. I have two words for you all. Free. Drinks. Yes, you heard me, free drinks. So not only do you get to listen to the sweet sounds of all these great artists…but you also get free booze? Sounds like something only a fool would miss!

And you know that Do512 always has the hook up. To RSVP for the show AND get in for discounted $5 entry fee (originally $10 at the door) just click “I Like It.”

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