“I Don’t Have a Mane” CD Release & Benefit Show

It’s no secret that our community supports music and creative arts in all forms; we’re kind of obsessed with it. I bet if they offered a music class for our dogs, we’d all jump on it… Barky’s School for the Musically Inclined Pet. I actually expected to find something upon Googling it. What makes the Austin community so unique is that we are so encouraging, that a music school for dogs isn’t even that far fetched. Just saying.

Where was I going with this? Oh yes, kids are especially encouraged to express themselves through all sorts of outlets, and this Friday you can see for yourself how the work of local high school students has paid off in the form of a CD: I don’t Have a Mane. The students of Anderson High School have been learning about creative writing and songwriting with the help of Austin Bat Cave. Nine local bands have been working and collaborating with the kids and recorded. At the Mohawk Friday, five of the bands will be performing songs from I Don’t Have a Mane at the CD release party benefiting Austin Bat Cave.

Austin Bat Cave is a nonprofit creative writing and tutoring center for kids that connects a diverse population of young learners with a community of adult volunteers. Join the Cave and the kids Friday night to see what all the fuss is about. Doors open at 9pm and entry is free with a suggested donation of $5-$10 or whatever you can give to these fine people.

Here’s the evening’s schedule:

Comanche Club: 9:30
Crooks: 10:15
Western Ghost House: 11:00
Focus Group: 11:45
{{{Sunset}}}: 12:30

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