Identity Project: The Greatest Ideas Ever Branded

Poverty, malnutrition, education, unemployment, gender equality, green energy, international relations, national debt…

The list of societal topics that currently stir emotions and opinions in our country goes on and on. With the development and cultivation of new media, the way we experience and share these emotions and opinions is changing rapidly. Advertising is becoming more creative and involved, delving into communities with social experiments. This new thoughtful approach to presenting cultural interventions has resulted in immensely thought provoking conversations. These conversations have in turn spawned new considerations and outlooks. Creating opportunities for audiences to see and experience these common topics allows them to look on it with fresh eyes and new perspective. That is the very goal of collaborative project Identity Project.

Identity Project: The Greatest Ideas Ever Branded is a creative project whose motivation is to challenge creators to make “radical marketing, cultural interventions and anything in between” through the use of film, photography, or any creative medium. The idea is to provoke people to consider these relevant issues from a new perspective. UNICEF did a project called “Dirty Water” and it experienced a huge and thoughtful reaction. Take a look:

Do512 is thrilled to be sponsoring this revolutionary project and is now calling on all you Do-ers to participate! Find that issue that gets your mind spinning and your heart twisted, and express the need for change in whatever medium you speak through most fluently. At Do512 we love new emerging ideas, progressive proactive people, and of course creative expression, so we are excited to be behind this effort 100%! With enough participation, this project can seriously produce results of incredible scale, stimulating care and concern in the minds of many from new angles.

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