Lonestar Rumble May-nia

You know you’ve seen them out and about and wondered just exactly who those mysterious badasses are and how hard they hit and/or dance. They’re the TXRD: Texas Lonestar Girls (Banked Track Roller Derby) and the answer to both is not a word. It’s a Chuck Norris round kick to the face that causes you to spit your gum out into Rick Perry’s morning protein/ Kahlua shake. Oh, shit.

 If you haven’t been to a roller derby before, just do it—your first will not be your last. The derby girls are hot, extreme, and ballsy by nature. Hearing their introductions and getting a feel for their (very) individual (big) personalities by way of their derby names sets the scene, and watching them cut, slash, push, and race on the banked track is the perfect way to spend a quiet Saturday night.

 Tip to the wise/ fearless: GO TO THE AFTERPARTY. There may or may not be pictures of this blogger doing the worm circulating from the last. It just happens.

 Next Match:

 May 14th @ the Palmer Event Center

Doors at 6, Bout at 7.

Hellcats vs Rhinestone Cowgirls

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One Response to Lonestar Rumble May-nia

  1. Hell Yeah Hellcats! We are going to make it a badass Saturday night!!!

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