Nine Pieces for Nine Pianos by Aragorn Eissler

Unless you’ve been hibernating and cut off from society, for the last month or so you’ve heard or seen the interactive art project about town “Play Me, I’m Yours,” where pianos were placed in various outdoor locations just to see what would happen. Fun, right? It encouraged people to sit down and play as well as decorate the pianos as works of art. There were no rules or limitations.

One composer, Aragorn Eissler aka Aratunes, took this opportunity to compose nine pieces, for nine of the pianos and recorded videos of each. The videos completely capture the spirit of the art project, displaying the beauty of Austin and the music which compliments each location. What a cool idea.

You can watch all nine videos on his website as well as listen to or purchase all of his recorded material online. I for one and thankful that this guy made these awesome videos to preserve this project/social experiment along with his gorgeous music.

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