The SuperSet presents: The Highball Prom 5/14

There are always a few people who manage to miss out on prom night. Maybe your date forgot to show up. Maybe you got a flat tire in your parents car on the way and never made it to the dance. Maybe you were sick, or indifferent, or had a bad hair day. Maybe you had the perfect dress picked out, and that stupid Debbie girl went and snatched it right from under your nose, so you kicked her ass in the cafeteria and got suspended from school.

There’s a million reasons why someone could have missed their prom. But there is exciting news if you happen to be one of those select, sad few. Are you ready for this? It’s time to find a dance partner because The Highball is throwing the best prom EVER! The theme is “Under the Sea”, and they will be decking out the ballroom with lights, balloons and a ridiculous amount of crepe paper. On hand to capture this most magical night will be Annie Ray and her famous photo booth, so you can treasure these memories forever.

The Highball Prom will even have a vote for Prom Queen and King, so it’s going to be totally legit. It will be like that nasty fight with Debbie never even happened! It will all be taking place at The Highball on Saturday, May 14. Admission is only $5, and tickets are available here. You can also click “I like it” on the Do512 event listing for the chance to win a $10 Highball giftcard.

Your chaperones for the night will be The SuperSet, the very same people who were responsible for the absolute ridiculousness that was the Circus and Medieval parties at the Highball. If you happened to experience either of those events, you know that these guys pull out all the stops when they throw a party. Here is what one of their last parties looked like:

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