Do512 Presents: Psychostick

It was just any other day at the office when Kristin walked in after a meeting and b-lined to the computer. After a brief explanation of why the song was randomly stuck in her head, she took over DJ status and played “Girl Directions” by humorcore stupidgroup Psychostick. For a few of us, it was our first time hearing Psychostick, but we were all instantly hooked. The rest of our day was spent going through every Psychostick album, even the Christmas one. Suddenly, the clouds parted as Kristin exclaimed, “they’re playing Red Eyed Fly May 31st!” The moment we found out, we knew Do512 had to be a part of this already insanely awesome show. That’s right! May 31st, Do512 Presents: Psychostick at Red Eyed Fly!

This is not a show you want to miss out on, because it’s going to be much more than that. Think “hilariously awesome raging party.” Lots of fun, beer, and crazy clothes will be involved. Do512 certainly knows how to throw a party, so when combined with the “dumb-ness” of Psychostick and their fans, the good times should be off the charts. Why exactly do we want to party so hard with Psychostick? Let’s take a second to analyze some of the lyrics, nay, poetry of their repertoire:

“Do you want a taco? Do you find every thought you have’s about it? Do you wake every second you’re without it? Do you feel like your very soul’s on fire? A BURNING DESIRE!”

Nailed it. I mean really? Do I want a taco? Yes. Yes I do! It seems like Psychostick really “gets” us, Austin. So now it’s time to party with ’em. Here are some of the things to be expected at said awesome rager:

– Costume Contest with prizes for dumbest costume

– Raffle with numerous awesome and hilarious giveaways

So hurry up and start planning your own dumb crazy outfit and be sure to RSVP on the listing. When you do you automatically get two raffle tickets and are entered for the chance to win one of three pairs of free tickets. Prepare to get psycho Austin!

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