Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam

Texas Toast Jam course will fill your head with demons.” These aren’t my words, but from the sounds of it, it must be true. With an obstacle course called The Gauntlet of Death, the Longest Ice Pick Grind and a 48 foot long Odyssey Dragon, the Toast Jam obviously isn’t for weenies.

May 27-29, prepare to have your downtown overrun by BMX madmen. They’ll be attempting the most outrageous stunts and tricks and record breaking heights. Some of the world’s biggest and best BMX riders will be appearing at the event including Matt Hoffman, Mike Dominguez, Vic Murphy, Van Homan and more. This will be an exciting weekend with all the best pro riders shredding dirt jumps and street obstacles. There will also be “epic after parties” thrown by Darryl Nau of Blacken.

Find out more at their website www.odysseybmx.com/texas-toast-jam/

Use this link to sign up for the $10,000 purse pro dirt comp. All other events will have sign up the day of the event (rail jam, curved wall ride jam, bunny hop and other type events). The Gauntlet of Death will be running the whole weekend.Fri. May 27 is practice day for competitors.

Here’s the schedule of events:

Fri. May 27 is practice day for competitors.
Sat. May 28 will be qualifying for dirt riders & include several street events.
Sun. May 29 will be dirt finals & include several street events.
The Gauntlet of Death will be inflicting pain and suffering all day Saturday and Sunday.

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