Light Year with Vegas Banger and Funkstruk

If there’s ever a reason to dance like a crazy person, I’ll be there in a heartbeat. That’s why I’m thankful to Light Year for coming to town and providing the electronic jams to help support my unruly habit. Light Year is a dynamic duo from Australia who have come over to these parts to help us lose our inhibitions, warning. “you better get out your tune towel and safety helmet, because these shows are gonna get sweaty and reckless.” With a kick drum that can be heard for miles, I assume they call themselves Light Year because they know they’re the future of electronic music. They’ve already released two albums since 2009 and are back for their USA Vacation Tour, playing Beauty Bar May 19 with Funkstruk and Vegas Banger.

Funkstruk is a local funky electronic band, unlike any other in town. They recently played at Nocturnal Festival and you can watch a video here:

Vegas Banger, another Central Texas resident has already made himself known in Las Vegas and LA where he spent some time spinning. As Vegas Banger, rises on the dubstep scene, he makes a party wherever he goes. You can find him doing what he does here:

Do512 has three pairs of tickets to give away to this party, click “I like it” on the event page to enter to win!

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