Motown Mondays featuring Matchmaker Band

When “mama said there’d be days like this,” I’m pretty sure she was talking about Mondays. Everyone knows that Mondays are the worst. I mean c’mon, no one ever says they have a “case of the Thursdays”. You wake up on a Monday, and it seems like the weekend is an eternity away. Well fret no more my friends. Every Monday The Highball has something to build you back up, buttercup: Motown Mondays featuring Matchmaker Band.

You heard right! Starting May 16, Mondays are now to be spent bustin’ a move on the dancefloor at The Highball to the tunes of local Austin Motown cover band, Matchmaker Band. If you haven’t had the privilege to see Matchmaker Band, you better clear your schedule for Mondays. Matchmaker Band knows how to get a crowd on their feet and dancing the night away. Their list of repertoire is hours long with favorites from Gladys Knight, Marvin Gaye, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone, and so many more. Made up of a ten piece band with four featured vocalists, this group has big stage presence and personality. With such a nostalgic set list, you can’t help but smile, dance, and let your weekday woes melt away. It may be ‘just my imagination running away with me’ but that sounds like a pretty nice Monday evening.

Just call us the grapevine, because you heard it right here: The Highball and Matchmaker Band have saved Mondays from their icky reputation. And Do512 wants to make it even sweeter by giving you a chance to win a free hour of bowling for a group of up to six people by clicking “I like it”. See you Monday!

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