Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part five

Allow me to steal a moment from your Monday to peak into the lives and minds of a few of our stupendous Do512 All-Stars…

All-Star: G_ack aka Greg Ackerman has been filling us in on what’s happening on the music scene and give us a preview what we should look out for at Last weekend there was a ton of great local music to catch if you knew where to find it. Thankfully Greg is always on the other side, giving it to us straight.

Robyn Ludwick was a top pick for Greg last Thursday, playing Momo’s. “Although she is forever mentioned as the sister of country songwriters, Charlie and Bruce Robison, we prefer her music to her more famous siblings. Maybe it is her crack band or the way she connects to the audience, but we just like her style.”

He also gives a preview of Mogwai, who is set to play tonight, May 16 at Stubb’s. He suggests that “if you attended Austin Psych Fest two weeks ago, then you will likely enjoy the post-rock pioneers from Glasgow (Scotland) live show.” Describing their live performances as “just what fans would hope for, driving, intelligent, progressive music,” we can expect big things from Mogwai tonight.

Here’s a peek (expect big, face-melting, heart-filling bright lights!):


All-Star: tiffanydiane lets us in on her daily life happenings in her latest addition to her eclectic blog austinisburning. Last week, this adorable Austin blogger has this to say about the imminent Summer days: “Summer started, and I haven’t really been doing a whole lot. I’m a total stick in the mud lately. I think sometimes people just have to go through lulls of not going out before they’re ready to go at it again. So, here’s to possibly re-energizing this bunny. Hopefully the summer is filled with more of the same, but with swimming and pool-lounging involved, more shopping, more money, weird nights, adventures, maybe a road trip or vacation, cocktails, pizza parties, day trips and whatever.”

Because we like to look at attractive people and see what they’re up to, scroll down to view Tiffany and friends in her latest installment of the ‘funsaver series’:

In the last week, she also gave some love to the Dive Bar & Lounge Grand Opening Party and Arthouse Presents: Five x Seven Art Splurge. Coming up for Tiffany? Monopoly Party at The Highball tonight. Goooood stuff.


All-Star: Austin On Stage always has so many great theatre events and news we should know about. What’s new? Ohhh, just a Studio 54 70s-themed party (Studio 54klift) benefiting Forklift Dance’s performances,

Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks brings Watch Me Work back to Austin at the Zach Theatre,

a preview of Austin Sketch Fest: “Featured local acts include the 24-hour sketch challenge champs Your Terrific Neighbors and Stag Comedy – featuring members of Master Pancake Theater – along with Turn of the Century Paris, ColdTowne Theater’s hit talk show The Night Show with Josh Krilov and the ColdTowne Theater mainstage revueCereal For Adults.  Additional local acts include Ghetto Sketch Warlock, The P! Company, Rattlesnake and Midnight Society.”


All-Star: mexican from mars is not only a DJ and purveyor of electronic dance music, he is a midi lover, self-proclaimed geek and host of Technotic on 101X’s Hypersonic Radio. You can hear Hypersonic Radio live streamed 24/7 online.

He’s been injecting the scene with his sick dance beats for over 13 years. So what does he do on a daily basis? From his profile, we can see everything he’s been up to (muahahaaa).

He’s into: Nasty’s Monday Night Dance Party, BOOM Tuesdays at Karma Lounge and TuezGayz at Barbarella, Atash World Music and Live Painting Wednesdays at Red Fez, WEIGHT  every Friday at Plush and Hypersonic Radio presents ‘Rooftop Sessions’ at Lanai on Saturdays. He’s all over the place and he’s showing us how to party.

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